Chocolate Coconut Birthday Cake!

I like making layer cakes, but every time I do I am reminded why they are (or are supposed to be anyway) a special occasion food. They take some time to make, although the steps are not all that hard, and seeing the amount of sugar, oil, flour, and butter that actually goes into a cake can be a bit disturbing. But when the occasion comes up and I can make the time, I always enjoy it. So here’s Robert’s birthday cake. It’s a chocolate cake with coconut frosting.

Chocolate Coconut Cake

I spent hours trying to figure out what kind of cake to make and basically ended up making my favorite cake. I did give him some choices on the frosting though. I also had to scrap the idea of surprising him with an awesome fully finished cake after work when I started the recipe without making sure I had enough cocoa powder. Oh well, I think we ended up having more fun making it together than I would have alone anyway!

Chocolate Coconut Cake Detail

I got the cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which I have been reading a lot recently, and the frosting from Baked Perfection. It worked out well, but if you try the same combination you might want to make a little more frosting. The cake uses 10 inch pans, and the frosting (which was originally for cupcakes) just barely covers it. The coconut flakes covered it up well and it looks pretty good, but if you don’t use them, or you like a heavier frosting coating and filling I would recommend increasing the amount.


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