Seattle, my epic quest to eat seafood for every meal

Seattle in fog

Renata and I recently got back from a trip to Seattle. On our vacations we tend to eat as many good things as possible, and I was excited because I love seafood and I was probably going to get to eat it every day in Seattle. The fist day we where there Renata’s brother took us to the restaurant in our hotel, Urbane, for breakfast. On the menu was an omelet with salmon in it. It was at this point that I thought, “if I can get seafood for breakfast”, which is probably they most difficult meal in America to have seafood in, “then I can have seafood for ever meal for the next four days.”

Day 1

As I said, the first thing I had on the trip was breakfast at Urbane. There I had what was called a Seattle omelet, which was salmon, capers, cream cheese, and green onion all wrapped in eggs, basically lox and bagel but with egg and no bagel, served with a side of rosemary potatoes.

It was a late breakfast, so instead of lunch we had a snack at City Fish Co. in Pikes Place market. This consisted of a shrimp cocktail, dungeness crab cocktail, and three oyster shooters.

For dinner we all wandered around the city until I, for one, was completely lost and turned around. We washed up at a sushi restaurant called Pinto Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar. There we had several sushi rolls, the standout favorite of which was the house special Pinto roll, described on their menu as spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber wrapped with yellowtail, cilantro, lime and jalapeño. The lime and cilantro make this one of the most perfect ways to have yellowtail and the jalapeño compliments the tuna so well that I will call this the best sushi roll I have eaten.

Day 2

No breakfast today, we didn’t have much time after we got out the door so just coffee at Wheelhouse Coffee. Renata apparently had a good dirty chai, I don’t care for chai, so I cannot comment on that, I however had an Americano which tasted like it was brewed with two-day old used grounds. So much for Seattle being a huge coffee city.

For lunch we met Renata’s brother and went to Shilla, a Korean/Japanese restaurant. We had a Korean BBQ sampler with spicy beef, beef, and beef tongue, some freshwater snails, and the meal came with a Korean fish cake like thing which I didn’t catch the name of, but nevertheless fulfilled my seafood requirement for the meal.

Diner was a veritable and literal feast, as we went to Walrus and the Carpenter. As the name suggests there we had oysters, we each tried one of all nine varieties on the menu, and then got six more each of our favorites, and also had several samplings from their non-oyster menu, and a quite good bread pudding for dessert.

Day 3

No breakfast again, but this time we went to brunch. Salty’s at Alki Beach had an incredible brunch buffet, an entire line of seafood options, including more oysters, an equal amount of standard breakfast options, an omelet and crepe station, a meat cutting station, and what the hostess told us was 13 feet of dessert, including chocolate and caramel fountains. I had a little of everything, mostly the seafood, and then a huge plate of dessert, and I dipped a twinkie in the chocolate fountain, because I just wanted to dip something in the chocolate fountain.

Dinner was at Mistral Kitchen, we had a huge amount of incredible food, the ones I most remember were a mixed seafood ceviche, clams cooked in some amazing  sauce, more oysters, duck, and several other things I can’t recall right now but were also amazing. this meal also included a smoked cocktail, wich has inspired both myself and Renata to have an entire post each on the subject.

Day 4

Probably the least interesting food day, as we had to fly back to Phoenix that afternoon, only one meal in Seattle, brunch at the space needle. I had a quite good clam chowder, eggs Benedict on a crab cake, and tiramisu, they didn’t have anything with seafood for dessert. the food was decent but we got a great view of the city from the wold’s oldest revolving restaurant and then got to almost freeze on the observation deck, it was really cold and windy up there.

Later we went to the airport, where we finished out the trip with beef stew at Bigfoot food and spirits right before the flight. A disappointing end, but they had no seafood on the menu.

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